Extended Range Instructor



The SSI Extended Range program qualifies divers to dive to a depth of 45 meters / 145 feet using nitrox mixtures of up to 100% while wearing a complete Extended Range Total Diving System, appropriate for a single gas switch, accelerated decompression diving. Upon completion, you will be certified as follows: SSI Extended Range (with or without Trimix) Instructor.

The XR Extended Range Instructor Seminar Include:

A review of all XR Standards and all SSI Dive Center/Resort Standards.
A dive planning session for orientation to the Extended Range Dive Planning Sheets.
A confined water session that includes the presentation and the evaluation of all water skills required in the Extended Range program. All skills must be to demonstration standard.
While acting as an instructor, plan and, conduct at least one (1) dive from the Extended Range program. During the dive, the candidate will supervise an assistant or another instructor candidate acting as the student during the training dive.
Demonstrate the ability to rescue an unconscious diver by bringing the diver to the surface from a depth of between 5m and 10m, establishing positive buoyancy, evaluating the diver’s status, removing all equipment and removing the diver from the water. (Assistance may be used ONLY for the handling of equipment once it is removed from the diver) This skill must be completed proficiently and without unnecessary time delays depending upon the conditions present at the rescue site.
Complete an appropriate equipment assembly workshop.
Complete the water skills evaluation as outlined in the General Standards.
Complete the applicable final exams (Extended Range Trimix Instructor and/or Extended Range Instructor) with a passing score of 90%.

Active status Extended Range Instructors may teach, supervise and issue certifications for the following programs:

Extended Range Foundations
Extended Range Nitrox Diving
Extended Range, with or without Trimix as per certification

The course is taught by SSI / XR Technical Extended Range Instructor Trainer Ivan Karadzic on Koh Tao, Thailand. Ivan has been a technical diver since 2009 and an XR Extended Range Instructor Trainer since 2015.

During the course we will focus on real-life diving, you will get introduced to common learner problems and their solutions, how to properly fit your students in their equipment, equipment maintenance and problem-solving. You will get valuable experience and tips on how to run and sell technical diving courses.


Advanced Open Water Instructor 

Enriched Air Nitrox Instructor

Deep Diving Instructor

Diver Stress & Rescue Instructor

Have certified at least 3 Enriched Air Nitrox divers.

Science of Diving Instructor

20 logged dives deeper than 30m

Extended Range Diving certification or equivalent 


Day One

Standards Overview, Theory Overview, Teaching XR academics 

Day Two

Equipment Workshop, XR Extended Range Skills Circuit and, Rescue Scenario and XR Extended Range Instructor Exam

Day Three

Teaching XR Extended Range in confined water and Water Skills Evaluation

Day Four

Teaching XR Extended Range in open water, 

Included / Excluded

Sidemount equipment rental (if you are already a certified sidemount instructor), stage tank, deco regulator, gasses (excluding helium) and dives

Personal diving equipment is not included but can be rented for 500 THB for the duration of the course.

A multi-gas computer is not included but can be rented for 1000 THB for the duration of the course.

SSI Professional Fees are not included, they are paid directly to SSI

Price and Booking

40000 THB.

If you want to book the course or have any questions please contact us on info@kohtaotecdivers.com