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Recreational Sidemount Diving



The use of sidemount configuration in wreck and cave diving is obvious, as it allows a very streamlined setup with easy access to all parts of the diver's equipment while still offering full redundancy. Sidemount equipment configuration is now being discovered by more and more divers. The simple, yet redundant setup of sidemount equipment enhances your safety, allows for longer dives, easy entry and exit, and gives you better control of both buoyancy and trim.

Compared to carrying your tank(s) on the back, sidemount diving offers exceptional freedom of movement and unparalleled ease of which the diver can clear restrictions. Our sidemount course starts with an introduction to and personalized fitting of the equipment, we use the XDEEP Stealth 2.0 Tec or Classic on all our sidemount courses. On our sidemount diving course, you will learn everything about the background, history, benefits and the equipment needed for sidemount diving. In practice, you will learn how to configure your equipment and manage it in the water. You will learn about trim, buoyancy, how to handle the changing buoyancy of your tanks, propulsion techniques and how to react to emergencies when using sidemount configuration.

All our courses are conducted by experienced technical diving instructors and instructor trainers. 


Open Water Diver


Day One

Theory, Equipment Workshop and Confined Water Training (Approximately 90-120 minutes)

Day Two

Dives One and Two (Approximately 90-120 minutes)

Day Three

Dives Three and Four (Approximately 90-120 minutes)

Included / Excluded

Sidemount equipment rental, digital manual, dives and certification upon successful completion of the course.

Personal diving equipment, such as mask fins and an exposure suit is not included but can be rented for 500 THB for the duration of the course.

A dive computer is not included but can be rented for 500 THB for the duration of the course.

Price and Booking

15000 THB.

If you want to book the course or have any questions please contact us on

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