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Gas Blender


Gas Blender qualifies you to blend all Nitrox and Trimix gases with any oxygen content. You will learn the mathematics, physics and, skill to confidently blend breathing mixes.

This program is open to anyone, even non-divers.

​All our courses are conducted by experienced technical diving instructors and instructor trainers.


Day One
Theory, general compressor use and, practical gas blending.

Included / Excluded
Digital XR Gas Blender manual, access to gas blender equipment, compressor and, oxygen
The online manual is available in the following languages: English (metric) and Italian
​Helium is optional for this course and the price of it is not included.

Price and Booking
10000 THB - Only 6000 THB if combined with another course.

If you want to book the course or have any questions please contact us on

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